Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory - Data Analysis

A data mining/analysis project involving the fictional Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory. The company had been seeing a decline in sales recently across its restaurants, gift shop, and online store. As a data analyst, I was tasked with going through the provided data, assessing trends, and providing my recommendations for improving sales in a written report to stakeholders.
I was provided incomplete and unmanaged data sets from the company's data warehouse, so I had to start with cleaning up the data. This involves normalizing it to remove blank columns, make sure units were all in the right conversion, and managing outliers and missing data. I then used JMP software to perform some statistical analysis on current trends in the data in order to infer where Bubba Gump could improve their sales. Finally, I took all of the insights gained and crafted a written report based on my findings.
This was an interesting case study, and it gave me good understanding of what data analytics is all about. It's an amazing way to provide an almost scientific method approach to business decisions, where it is first important to figure out what we know and how we know it before being able to make any informed decisions moving forward.