Zoo Login - Python

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Login System for Local Zoo using Python
This is my first bigger Python project I completed for university. The objective was to create a simple login interface for a local zoo. A user would be asked to enter their username and password. Credentials are found in the credentials.json, and the plaintext password entered is checked against the hashed value stored in the file. Users get three attempts to login successfully before the program aborts. Once logged in, users are greeted with another menu and given one of several options based on their role in the system (such as zookeeper, admin, and veterinarian). The program allows for users to logout once finished.
One challenging aspect to this project was implementing the looping logic correctly. I had to find a way to check that the user entered the correct username before allowing them to enter a password. Additionally, the program had to exit gracefully, so managing the nested while and for loops was a challenge. Another challenge was input validation, ensuring that navigating the menu was possible without the code exiting early if a user pressed the wrong keys. This was a great opportunity to learn about what it takes to deploy code and gave me a greater appreciation for the applications I use on a daily basis.